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mascarajunkie83's Journal

5 October
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I'm a girl, that's most of wot you need to know, called Rosemary who is currently 22 going to 23. I am forever evolving. Views myself as a person and not a race, being or whatever else defintions come to mind since I've come to realise my interest, tastes, likes and dislikes span from anything and no one. My friends blame my behaviour on the fact that I'm abnormal and born into 'different circumstances'. These things you'll probably get later.

  Any thing remotely grotesque, harmful, self-inflicted or otherwise. Give me coffee, pepsi, macromedia, photoshop and an emo male.Body Corset Stitching, corsets and the occassional bite that leads to bleeding.

  ~Ism *1*, wars *2*, bourgeois wannabees/popularity cravers *3 but it creeps up to number 1 from time to time*, liars *4, this too creeps up to the top spot at times*, etc.

  Bye Bye. DeadRosemarys